Employee Engagement and Internal Comms

Employee Engagement is the emotional commitment employees feel towards their organisation and the discretionary effort they put in to ensure the organisation’s success. Engaged employees demonstrate dedication, enthusiasm and are personally invested in achieving positive results. Fully engaged employees and teams who feel valued and rewarded for their contribution thrive, grow and positively influence those around them.

Improving Employee Engagement

Ruby Sky is your strategic partner in measuring, managing and improving Employee Engagement. We develop or refine Reward & Recognition, Innovation and Company Culture programmes that focus on inviting and recognising employees to contribute to an organisation’s success.

Internal Communications and Employer Branding

An effective Internal Communications strategy is key to delivering the right message, in the right tone, and to the right people.  Through open, honest and engaging comms that speak in a language all employees can relate to, from shop floor to executive level, we aim to instil organisational values, beliefs and culture when delivering communications and programs. We aim to find your Silver Bullets to reach your employees on every level and through creativity of approach, we will refine your tone to make the complex simple, and the simple compelling. Employer Branding goes hand-in-hand with this internal marketing strategy; allow us to help establish your organisation’s value proposition.

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