Below-the-Line Campaigns and Strategy

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Our team has a strong foundation in design and Below the line marketing, working on campaigns both large and small from inception to delivery, through well thought-out strategy, concept development, copywriting, design and production.

BTL campaigns forego mass media channels such as TV, Radio and Outdoor Advertising, and utilise localised channels and platforms to deliver its messaging or to promote products. The Ruby Sky team are your campaign specialists in the following areas:

– Content Production

– Instore marketing

– Point of Sale

– Branding

– Leafleting

– Activations

– Street Pole marketing

BTL strategies and campaigns can be successful on their own, but can also be used to support an Above the Line campaign, making the reach a little more localised for the audience, the result being that the customer’s interaction with the brand is personal at a local level, but consistent through its mass media reach.

Strategy is successful when it harnesses Customer or User experience.  To achieve this, one must be fully immersed in the brand and objectives of the campaign, and through research, define the audience, tactics and methods of execution and delivery.  Our aim is to have customers positively react and interact, driving sales and brand awareness.

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